Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NEW: Petit Quintero

Dear Aficionados

We are pleased to tell you that a new cigar has arrived in our store. 
The new Habanos we will be offering are called Petit Quinteros.

Petit Quinteros 

Quintero is an interesting brand to the aficionados who prefer a Habano with medium taste and an affordable price.

This brand is one of very few Cuban brands that don't originate from Havana, the capital of Cuba. The founder of the brand, Agustin Quintero, resided in Cienfuegos which is also called the "Pearl of the South".

Both then and now, the tobacco which makes up the mélange of this particular brand, originates from the Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta.

Quintero's Habanos are completely handmade with fillers that are in between 100% longfillers and 100% shortfillers, sizewise. They are medium fillers in order to guarantee the characteristic medium taste of the Quinteros.

If you have any questions concerning this cigar, please e-mail us at or visit our shop.

Petit Quintero

Size: Cepo 43 (∅ 17,07mm)

Length: 105 mm

Model: Petit Cazadores

Style of Production: Completely handmade, shortfiller

Available in: bundle or box of 25

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