Sunday, March 16, 2014

New in: H. Upmann, Trinidad Vigia, Partagas D6 & EL Cohiba 2014

Dear customer and aficionado,

Today, we would like to make a few special announcements.

Festival Del Habano 

Casa Del Habano Antwerp’s CEO, Mister Reza Vali Balouch, just returned from the annual “Festival Del Habano” in Havana, Cuba. This festival is the largest international gathering of enthusiasts of the best cigar in the world: the Habano. On this occasion, the festival paid tribute to three of the most prestigious Habanos brands: Partagás, Trinidad and H.Upmann.

In the spirit of this prestigious festival, Casa Del Habano Antwerp would like to announce that we are going to be selling these three extraordinary cigar brands. We will also be offering the new Limited Edition Cohiba 2014 called Robustos Supremos”.

The cigars we will be providing are the following:

1.    H. Upmann Reserva

Maybe not even Herman Upmann himself, the German banker who arrived in Cuba dreaming of hitting the jackpot in finance and wound up captivated by his own habanos, ever imagined that 170 years later his brand would get its first reserve. 

Brand: H. Upmann
Factory name (vitola de galera): Pirámides
Model name (vitola de salida): Upmann No. 2 Reserva Cosecha 2010
Size: ring gauge 52 (20,64mm) x 156mm long

This first-ever H. Upmann Reserve consists of 5,000 lacquered boxes with individually numbered cigars. Each one of these boxes contains 20 cigars.

This Reserva has been developed especially for the great Habanos lovers. Therefore it is a unique item out in the market to add to your collection, given its limited output and exclusive character.

2.    Partagás D6

Partagás is reinventing itself once more and is once again making additions to the torpedo niche, a format that’s very much en vogue now. The brand also focuses on those smokers who want to experience a full explosion of sensations in a short span of time. That’s what the new Partagás Serie D No. 6 is all about: intense, aromatic and richly concentrated.  

This short-size format gives smokers a chance to unravel the aromas and enjoy the characteristisc, intense taste Partagás has to offer and all that in just about 15 minutes. This cigar is definitely suitable for the new circumstances and lifestyle affecting cigar aficionados around the world.

Brand: Partagás
Factory name (vitola de galera): D No. 6
Model name (vitola de salida): serie D No. 6
Size: ring gauge 50 x 90mm long

3.    Trinidad VIGÍA 

Enthusiasts of the Trinidad brand will be pleased to hear that as the Trinidad cigars “Robusto Extra” and “Robusto T” were discontinued in 2012, the new Trinidad Vigía has arrived to take their place.

Originally named after the city of La Santisima Trinidad (The Holy Trinity), located on Cuba’s south coast, the name Trinidad now conjures up thoughts of rich cigars with bold flavors.

Brand: Trinidad
Factory name (vitola de galera): Torres
Model name (vitola de salida): Vigia
Size: ring gauge 54 (21,43mm) x 110mm long

Trinidad Vigía comes in the classic semi boîte nature (SBN) lacquered box of 12 units. The thick ring gauge and short length guarantee the exclusive Trinidad taste.

4.    Edición Limitada Cohíba 2014

Very little has been released about the new Cohiba Edición Limitada 2014. What we do know is that the “Robustos Supremos” is the first Cuban Cigar to have a 58 ring gauge, making this Cigar currently the thickest Cuban Cigar in living memory. The Robustos Supremos follows in the footsteps of the Cohiba Behike and Pirámides Extras in utilising the new Cohiba Hologram band.

Brand: Cohiba
Factory Name (vitola de galera): Robustos Supremos
Size: ring gauge 55 or 58. Cigar is 12.7 cm long.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information and to stop by our shop!

Casa Del Habano
Ernest Van Dijckkaai 11
2000 Antwerp


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