Friday, May 16, 2014

Cigar of the Month: Cuaba Distinguidos

Dear Aficionados,

We would like to bring to your attention the cigar of the month. 
This month we are putting the exclusive Cuaba Distinguidos in the spotlight.

Cuaba Distinguidos

Cuaba is a brand that does not have its own factory in Cuba. In fact, these cigars are produced by Romeo y Julieta. 

Cuaba is also a fairly young brand, dating back to only 1996 when Habanos President Francisco Linares launched it. 

Distinguidos are fully handmade using only Grade 7 rollers. The tobacco for these cigars originates from the Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio) 

Taste of the Distinguidos

According to Cuban cigar connoisseurs, the Cuaba presents mostly cedar tastes. Also a slight aroma of sweet grass comes from this special cigar. As the cigar progresses, the nut flavor becomes more pronounced. As the cigar continues towards its thickest point, a slight sweet spice appears. However, the predominant flavor is nut. 

Some other remarks made by aficionados are the following; There is plenty of tobacco strength, the draw is perfect and the construction is spot on. 

We are selling this exquisite cigar at our shop in Antwerp.

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Cigars available at:

Casa Del Habano
Ernest van Dijckkaai 11
2000 Antwerp 

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